Amli news – There is information about the team that will shoot anime «Rifle Is Beautiful»

The company Studio 3Hz, which is currently working on the anime series «Rifle Is Beautiful», announced a list of seyu and the crew of the cartoon.

Thus, Masanori Takahashi was invited to the project as a Director. He was appointed to help the screenwriter Tetsuya Takahashi. To implement paint all the ideas these two will be the artist Ken Akihabara.

As for the voice acting, the main characters will be the voice of Osaka Minami in the role of Erica Manorama, machiko will play the role of Hikaru Kokura. Anna Jamaica will be Yukio igarasi for a while. The akan of Canada got the role of Izumi Shibusawa.

The story of the anime «Beautiful rifle» will tell about the shooting school club. The main character Kokura Hikari loves rifles and decided to open a circle to share their experiences with other lovers of weapons and learn new things. But to register a club activity, you need at least four participants. The heroine is not a timid and finds three more enthusiastic weapons. That’s how the shooting club opens.