Amli news — Added voice command and presented a new poster for the anime «Kenja no Mago»

The creators of another anime series «Kenja no Mago» presented to the audience a new poster. In addition, it was given information that the picture will be released on April 10.

The voice command was replenished. So MIA Kubota will voice the character Alice corner. Megumi Yamaguchi got the role of Lynn Hughes. ARIS Sid will give the voice of toll van Flegel. For Yuri Carlton will play Juri Nagatsuma. Chiaki Kobayashi will be able to voice Tony Freud. Voice acting Olivia stone will be engaged saya Sato. Voice of Keisuke Koumoto talks Julius baths Littenheim.

In this anime role Director serves Masafumi Tamura. The release of the picture on the screens is engaged in the company Silver Link. Writing the script is given to Tatsuya Takahashi. How would look the characters in the cartoon, depends on the artist Yuuki Savary.

This anime will tell another story about a guy who from the ordinary world falls into another. The idea is that the main character comes to another world in the body of a baby. Guy throws into the woods, where he finds sage. The old man calls the baby the name of sin and gives him knowledge of the magic, but forgets to teach the boy to common sense. When the kid reaches 15 years old, he decides to go to the capital to enter the Academy of magic. The hero of the cartoon is very strong in magic, but he does not know how to think with his head.