Amli news – Announced work on the third season of » Oregairu»

Details about the third season of the anime «Pink time of my school life a fraud» yet, but we know for sure that work on the cartoon started.

We watched the first season of «Oregairu» in 2013. The second part of the picture the authors presented in 2015.

The protagonist in «the Pink pore of my school life» is the eternally sullen Hachiman Hikigaya. Because of the circumstances of life, the guy came to his logical conclusions that in this world and society there are no utopias, kindness, regret. Now he is guided by the rule «I am I and not my hut». Everything would be fine, but others do not like the cynical behavior of Hatiman. Everyone is trying to guide him on some right path. Participated in the fate of the hero and class, which forced Gekiga to join the club of volunteers which consisted of only one school legends Yukino Kinoshita. She was an excellent student and a beautiful woman, but somehow, most tried to avoid. She was nicknamed the snow Queen. These two are very difficult to get along, because they see the environment differently, but the whole palette is diluted by the cheerful Yuigahama Yu, who also becomes a member of the club. And here are three completely opposite characters begin to help other students in solving their problems. Everything would be fine, that’s just the methods of the club is very cruel and ruthless. Sometimes they even regret asking for help, but change their minds when the club really helps them. And draws attention to things that are initially not noticed.