Amli news – Another video for the film adaptation of «Kengan Ashura»

Crew anime «Kengan Ashura» unveiled a new trailer.

The premiere of the animated series will take place in the summer on Netflix site. The issue of history does the team Larx Entertainment.

Designer heroes Kazuaki Morita. Directed by Seiji Kishi and written by Makoto Uetsu. Yasuharu Takanashi is engaged in writing music for the series.

In Japan, as in many other major countries, there are underground fights in which influential people play big money. Hero anime Tokita Ohm, named «Azura», one of the participants in such duels. He likes to fight and crush the enemy in every fight. Frequent victories lead to the fact that the hero of the cartoon begin to be interested in the head of the Yakuza.