Amli news – For the film «Kyokou Suiri» presented trailer

For the anime series «Kyokou Suiri» released the first trailer. The project was withdrawn by the manga, which was written by Ke Shirodaira together with the Katas Toshiba.

Voice Araki Quito will say the main character Kotoko Iwanaga. For the voice KURO, Sakuragawa, was invited Mamoru Miyano.

The release of anime on the screens is engaged in the company brain’s Base. To adapt the script for the filming took Noboru Takagi. The head of the crew was appointed Keiji goto. The design of the heroes of the picture is entrusted to Takatoshi Honda.

The story about a girl associated with the world of spirits. She was made the ultimate sacrifice to help youkai to solve their problems. One day she meets KURO’s boyfriend. The girl really liked the hero, and she decided to introduce him to the other side of the world. But really, KURO is not as simple as it seemed initially Cotoca.