Amli news – It became known who in «Kimi to, Kami ni Naretara» will announce the main characters

Masaaki Yuasa is preparing his new film Kimi to, Nami ni Noretara. It became known who it will sound the main characters. So the characters will speak voices Rina Kawaa and RETA Katese.

RETA will take the voice of a young firefighter Minato’s Hinageshi. In the story he will die from an accident at sea. This is quite a strange circumstance, because the hero could cope with any situation on land.
Rin gets the voice of the main character Hinako Miyamizu. The girl is a student, loves surfing, bright and cheerful personality. The only thing that prevents it is the lack of confidence in myself.

The music for the anime will pick up Michiru Oshima. In the Director’s composition, in addition to Yuas, the screenwriter Reiko Yoshida appears.

The anime will tell a love story between a fireman and a surfer girl. To continue surfing, Hinako enters the seaside city University. Meet beloved by accident. The girl notices Minato while fighting a fire. They fall in love and their romantic story begins.